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Scents with benefits.

Best Sellers

Restorative and balancing blends to help you feel freaking fantastic!

After Party - A soothing blend for the head


Balance - Feet on the ground, head up high


Between the Sheets - Linen and environment spray


Bliss - Refill


Bliss - The state everybody wants to visit


Breathe - Diffuser Blend


Citrus Cheer - Energizing and uplifting all over body cream


Face It - For the softest most supple skin


On The Spot

Aromatherapy, all day every day.

The Scentalist

Stories about Aromatherapy, wellness, scent and the beauty of my business!

Packaging of is one of the most challenging yet most fun part of designing Aromacentric...

on November 19, 2018

It’s a glorious Sunday in November. How can this be? It's sunny and the light...

on November 04, 2018

Aromacentric will be participating in this event that brings together the best of Canadian Green Beauty....

on November 02, 2018

I hope you enjoyed your session on Aromatherapy today. In my efforts to go paperless, I...

on June 19, 2018

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