It doesn’t matter that you don’t get me August 20 2014, 0 Comments

I went to meet a supplier the other day, in search of, as always, unique ways to package Aromacentric products.  The showroom way north of the city was located in the typical generic, tired-looking industrial park. Inside the showroom, the glass cases held hundreds of packaging options, but alas, being the niche artisinal brand with an aesthetic that doesn’t fall into that of mass channels, my pie in the sky bottle was not there.

It was fun to be there, however, and talk with the owner, an older gentleman and a veteran in the beauty business. He was as friendly and knowledgeable as they get, but what blew me away, what was truly astounding was this conversation after I told him about Aromacentric and how, due to the ingredients used, the products had wellness benefits for the people who used them. 

Supplier: (laughing) You are saying that people feel happy or relaxed or confident after they use a product? 

Me: For sure! Have you never heard of aromatherapy?

Supplier: That’s crazy! I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Me: Crazy? Look around your showroom. You work in the multi-billion dollar industry that sells beauty and confidence and happiness to women and you supply the packaging. Why do you think people use these products? Too feel…better, right?

Supplier: Meh

Me: Wow. OK then. Umm, great to meet you! Thanks so much for your time! Really enjoyed this! 

I was gobsmacked. How could someone who has worked in the beauty business for more than 30 years not “get” the beauty business? But I quickly realized that this particular guy is in the widget business. I respect that of course – business is business (Truth be known I was actually a bit envious that Mr. widget could be so focused and not be affected/distracted by the nuances of the beauty industry). 

While hearing someone express their disbelief of my brand’s entire purpose – and not that I haven’t heard it before - was amusing and frustrating at the same time, it was also a reminder that forcing my products, my ideas, my knowledge onto others is unnecessary and unimportant.

What’s important, for me, is to reach those who are open and willing to learn about different, natural and beautiful ways they can maintain their health and wellness. There are tons of these enlightened ones out there – and I am meeting more and more of you every day.