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Beating the stress sleep cyclops and shedding light on November

It’s a glorious Sunday in November. How can this be? It's sunny and the light is magical. I drag my man out of bed and we walk through the ravine, breathing in the sweet smells of decomposing leaves that are getting baked by the midday sun. It’s the type of day where you think it could be the last one like it for a mighty long time. Afterwards we stop by a cafe and eat Croque Monsieur on the bench out front, watching the world go by. I’m in the backyard now typing this out in the sunshine. It’s impossible to go inside. Reluctance because of the present glory but, also because I worry about the dark November days ahead. In the past they've played havoc with me. It’s when my vitamin D levels plummet (I now start the drops in August), and when poor sleep and stress fuel each other and become a villain of my own design, preventing me from being my best.

Dramatic? Maybe. But it’s what happens to me when daylight ends at 5:04 pm. It’s my month of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Whether it is medically correct/possible to be afflicted for a month, it’s how I can feel in November if I don’t take care of myself.

In addition to being dark, November is a busy busy month but make sure my body, mind and spirit can tap into activities that prevent the stress/sleep cyclops claiming its victory.

Too busy you say? I truly believe that it's because I take the time to do these things that everything ultimately gets done. 

Here’s my list:

  • Walks outside in the fresh air, every day
  • Regularly leaving my phone in another room for large chunks of time
  • Social outings (coffees, lunches, neighbourhood bars)
  • Soulful outings (galleries, movies, lectures, music)
  • Eating lightly and healthily
  • Mostly making my own food vs take-away
  • Not drinking alcohol during the week
  • Meeting new people or connecting with people I haven’t seen for a while
  • Hot hot baths with salts and essential oils
  • Recognizing that the number of likes on my feed is not a measure of my success 
  • Sweat it out at least twice per week at the gym
  • Reading non-fiction (when combined with a spritz of Between the Sheets, this is my #1 nightly ritual to wind-down before sleep)
  • Dreaming about my next trip (which turns into a plan which turns into reality)
  • Using products that are kind to my skin, my senses and the planet, and of course smell amazing

What’s on your list? Please share in the comments section.

Happy November! See, it’s better already.

Take good care of yourself and those around you,



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