I am so entitled...to change my mind December 27 2017, 2 Comments

Is it the indecisive Libra in me? Or perhaps the last two to three years has taught me to be true to myself no matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

Back in 2014 I announced to the Internet that I was going to stop colouring my hair. In 2015, I confessed I couldn’t go through with it.

I did state however, that I was going to work with talented colourist Maria Petrou (at the time a longtime team member of eco-friendly WORLD Salon, now at her own lovely place called Little Bird Salon) who developed a transition strategy to limit my visits to the salon and thus exposure to the chemicals.

My last colour blending appointment was about five months ago and now, in December of 2017, I cancelled the latest one (Sorry Maria!).

Do I have doubts? Not really. I’m well past the stage of looking like I’m “letting myself go” and that I’m “overdue for colour.” I’m a bit bolder with my makeup, and clothes, which seems to balance the look. 

Do I feel silly writing my first blog post in a year and a half on this topic? The answer to that, unequivocally, is yes. But then again, at least it’s got me writing.

So what’s happened to me in the last two or so years that’s given me the confidence to stay on course with the grey? A few things: I’m more concerned than ever about what is washed down the drains and what is ending up in our water table and our drinking water; I’m limiting as much as possible, my own exposure to chemicals and even the low toxicity hair colour is too much for me; and, IMHO, women who colour their hair later in life actually look older especially brunettes like me.

Aside from the feeling that I was dry-cleaning my head, the time and expense requirements did not add up. You know what else? I always felt pretty ridiculous sitting at the salon with the layers of foil on my head looking like a cast member from an off off off Broadway performance of the Lion King with noxious goo dripping into my ear. 

I was the Lion King at the salon, a cougar for a couple of weeks and then a skunk with the white stripe going down my part a week later. I’m done!

Anything’s possible, but hopefully in three years I won’t be referring to this post with excuses why I’ve dyed my hair again.
And, hopefully too, I will keep up with the writing.