September Bliss? September 04 2016, 0 Comments


The same September when you put skinny jeans on for the first time after a summer of BBQ and gallons of ice cold Sauvignon blanc?
When Labour Day feels like the mother of all Sundays?
To rationalize the dread of summer's end we embrace September as a time for fresh starts, fall fashion (yay boots!) and the comfort of a regular schedule that helps us keep a steady pace until that pace becomes a sprint to the Christmas holidays.
I feel compelled every year at this time to remind people how something as simple as a steamy eucalyptus bath or a diffuser at home can help promote sleep and keep and bring you back in balance. No matter what the method of application, essential oils are highly beneficial to fend off and decrease mental and physical exhaustion...real possibilities this month.
You may already be familiar with Wake and Harmony – two natural perfume blends that, judging by the tester turnover at retail are highly coveted states of my current customer. I am happy to introduce an addition to the Essential Eaux collection.
A little story first....

I had the usual challenges with naming the new addition so a friend and colleague who loved the scent gave me this gem to work with:

“It smells like that feeling you have...when you are in love, and you just graduated and
you are leaving for Europe and you have the best hair...
and the world is your oyster.”

Sounded like bliss to me. 

Note:  Friend in question at the time was resigning from her job, in love, heading to Europe on an Italian holiday before relocating with her BF to the UK. She has great hair. So, ya, she’d know.
A blend of petitgrain, ylang ylang, fragonia and a hint of mandarin, Bliss is a delicate green floral with wood and citrus notes. For me, the blend is reminiscent (see what I did there?) of a day at the ocean when you step off the hot sandy beach to where the tall grasses start growing: your skin is hot from the sun, your natural oils have overtaken the sunscreen and each step through that grassy path emits a sweet hay-like scent.

As for the ingredients, there’s fragonia, which hails from Australia: analysis has found it to have very similar anti-microbial benefits to that of its neighbour, Tea Tree. Way more pleasing in scent, fragonia is also used in aromatherapy to help people get to a peaceful place and “unstuck.” Then there's Ylang ylang. So sweetly soothing, it will melt even the most stubborn of moods. And mandarin, used extensively by parents in France to calm les enfants at bedtime - a sweet, yet complex orange scent that seems to stay in the background yet connect and round out the notes. 

All of the Eaux in the collection are 100% natural (as are all Aromacentric products). No synthetic fragrances or ingredients are used. There are some amazing perfumes out there. I am a fan of a few you can be sure, but these days I limit my use as I learn more about safe personal care products. Less and less am I able to wear the cloying, clingy fragrances that stay on clothing for a week. 
Two of the dirtiest synthetics found in perfume are the petrochemical preservatives (made from petroleum and natural gas) known as parabens and phthalates. Much has been written on the topic of these two ever-present preservatives, their effect on hormone disruption, their carcinogenic properties and how they cause allergic reactions like eczema and headaches. The benefits of a synthetic perfume is a much more extensive library of fragrance notes available to the perfumer that are not available in nature and a longer wear time.
With no parabens or phtalates, wear time for naturals is shorter. The wear time for Bliss and all of the Eaux is about 2-3 hours, however it differs for everyone. Synthetic EDTs (or eau de toilette) tend to last 2-4 hours, while eau de cologne last 2-3 hours. On some it will last longer, some less. It depends mostly on the oil content of your skin. Along with these fragrance hacks, applying at the hairline at the back of your neck and applying after using a scent-free lotion or oil like jojoba are ways I extend wear time. Or simply reapply a few times a day. The new and beautiful leak-proof glass atomizers are easy to carry around in your bag for a quick blast as you wish.
No headaches, no allergic reactions and no scent police giving you the greasy eyeball. Just beautiful scents and the benefits of essential oils.
Check out the Essential Eaux collection this fall at these retail partners and onAromacentric’s website. If you order online, enjoy 20% off the Eaux collection this month and use code EssentialEaux16 at checkout. If you prefer to pick up locally, this is how to get the promotion and avoid the shipping costs. 
Here’s to your September. 

May it be even smoother sailing than that blissful summer day at the beach.