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Mirror on the Wall, Who is No Longer the Greyest of Them All?

It's January 1st and I feel the need to come...
by Carol-Ann Granatstein on January 01, 2015
I am so change my mind

I am so change my mind

I was the Lion King at the salon, a cougar for a couple of weeks and then a skunk with the white stripe going down my part a week later. I’m done! 
by Carol-Ann Granatstein on December 27, 2014

It doesn’t matter that you don’t get me

I went to meet a supplier the other day, in...
by Carol-Ann Granatstein on August 20, 2014

Grey is the New Black

Surprise. Sympathy. Fear.  This is the progressive reaction of most...
by Carol-Ann Granatstein on April 28, 2014

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