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The grey hair story: Part 3 - Getting to the root of it may recall way back in I posted this about my decision to ditch the dye and then this about my back and forth on the whole hair situation.

I'm not gonna lie, it's not been super easy, but I think I've settled into the new look - the silver is all the way through and I'm encouraged by the plethora of hashtags and images on Pinterest and Instagram (search #silversisters for example) displaying beautiful women who are either in the process of returning to their natural hair colour or are already there. 

I had the opportunity to interview Anne Kreamer on my podcast Existential Relish. She wrote Going Grey, the book I turned to for guidance and support when I decided to stop colouring my hair. 

We discuss transformation, dating, the corporate experience and the social experiments she embarked on and documented as she returned to her natural hair colour. Did you know that men don't care one bit and in fact, may actually prefer seeing a woman's natural hair colour?

Maria Petrou from @littlebirdsalon also gives some intel on how to transition to your natural colour.

Have a listen here.

May the grey be with you. 





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