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Bliss - The state everybody wants to visit

Bliss - The state everybody wants to visit


    About the essential oils: With fragonia leading the way to inner peace, ylang-ylang melting the most moodiest of moods and mandarin calming the nerves, you will no doubt be transported into a state of bliss.

    About the scent: Delicate green floral with hints of wood and citrus.

    Reminiscent of a day at the beach when your skin is hot from the sun, your natural oils have long overtaken the sunscreen and you never want the day to end.

    About wear time: Similar to the concentration of an eau de parfum, the wear time is about 2-3 hours, however it differs for everyone depending on the oil content and PH of your skin.

    If you wish to extend the wear time, apply at the hairline at the back of your neck and/or mist after using a scent-free lotion to lock in the fragrance. Or simply re-apply a few times a day.

    The sturdy yet elegant glass atomizers are easy to carry around in your bag for a quick mist whenever you wish to be…in a state of bliss.

    Infused in alcohol with pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances.

    9 ml




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