Our Story

"Beauty and Wellness"

This is a phrase that, consciously or not, has become a 21st Century mantra. We are bombarded with cosmetic products that promise to reduce the look of aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. We choose gel and acrylic manicures that devitalize and damage our nails because they look good longer. At a certain point in life, upkeep (aka keeping up!) becomes more of a priority than self-care. 

The more you do, the more you have to do. Single process colour begs the enhancement of highlights and lowlights. Facials give way to botox. Bikini waxes become Brazilians. Beauty is a war of escalation.

And then…there’s Wellness, if there’s time for it.

As life gets busier and “maintenance” takes up more and more time, the idea of soothing or nurturing oneself with wellness rituals is too much to want, expect, demand or even wrap your head around. Bottom line: self-nurture has become yet another time-consuming item on our to-do list. The very thought is overwhelming.

Aromacentric offers a hit of wellness that can be rolled into the habits and routines you already have. Not time-consuming beauty rituals as old and mysterious as Cleopatra herself, but rather, natural, no-brainer sanity savers.

Memorable products to make you feel great. Looking great is the bonus.