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Aromacentric Scent Branding

We offer businesses a powerful tool that can increase brand value.

Whether you are an individual, a retailer, an events company or a professional services firm, make your brand experience even more memorable with a unique scent that creates deeper connections with your customers.

Here's What Customers Are Saying

At my retail shop, customers come in every day and ask, “What smells so amazing in here?” It’s usually a combination of all the natural products we carry, but it happened so often I decided it was time to bottle it up so customers could take that wonderful feeling home and think about our store at the same time. So of course I reached out to Carol-Ann at Aromacentric. Her collaborative process was fun and fast. It didn’t take long to find the perfect blend that encapsulated our brand and all the beautiful scents of our shop. We love it and so do our customers.

Kym Klopp, Owner

Wellth Management wanted to work with an expert in the field of aromatherapy and we found it in Aromacentric.

Carol-Ann tapped into our goal for a blend and effortlessly moved us in the right direction, translating our desire to create something that would ground people back into presence in a way that fostered alertness, creativity and centeredness in the workplace.

Wellthy has been extremely well received by our customers, many of whom are first responders and engage with trauma and tragedy as part of their job.  “Wellthy,” for many, is the first introduction to how impactful aromatherapy can be as part of one's tool kit of health-promoting behaviours.  We've heard back from a few who struggle with PTSD and now use Wellthy as part of their daily regime in managing their mental health. 


Wellthy speaks to all that inspired us to create the Wellth Management brand.

Wendy Lund, CEO
Wellth Management

We’ve been carrying a number of Aromacentric blends in our studio for a few years but there was one scent in particular that really resonated with our clients. We started diffusing it in our practice rooms at low levels and it has evolved as part of the Afterglow experience. We asked Carol-Ann to formalize it into a portable, wearable product for our Glow boutique and it’s done! Carol-Ann took so much care to get both the blend and the packaging brand-aligned and beautiful. It’s selling amazingly well. We love it and our members do to!

Julie Watson, Owner
Afterglow Yoga Studio

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