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Bliss - Refill

Bliss - Refill


    Need more Bliss in your life?

    We have you covered with this 30 ml bottle and funnel set so you can replenish your original 9 ml bottle of Bliss essential eau, one, two, three times! 

    • With clean hands, unscrew the 9 ml bottle sprayer and set sprayer aside
    • Make sure your 9 ml bottle is standing steady. You can place something on either side of the bottle to ensure it doesn't tip or get a friend to hold it for you.
    • Place funnel into neck of 9 ml bottle
    • Very slowly pour perfume from 30 ml bottle into 9 ml bottle and allow contents in funnel to empty before adding more.
    • Fill 9 ml bottle until just below threaded portion of neck so that when sprayer is re-inserted and screwed back on perfume does not overflow.
    • Replace sprayer and screw closed but not too tight. You don't want to the sprayer housing to crack.
    • Wash hands and surface if any perfume has spilled. 
    • Rinse funnel with alcohol or water and store with refill bottle in a cool dark place. 

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