Face It - For the softest most supple skin


Nourishing carrier oils of organic camellia, cold-pressed avocado, organic carrot (infused in sesame) and borage are blended with two of the most uplifting and relaxing essential oils - precious neroli and jasmine.

Loved by women and men ages 12-82, this non-greasy face oil improves the health of the skin's barrier and overall texture in a way you would never think possible.

Great for sensitive and aging skin.

Face It is a great way to start or end your day. 


Apply ¼ to ½ tsp on damp face and neck using fingertips in light upward strokes in the morning (night too if you are extremely dry). Follow with any all-natural lotion/sunscreen to seal in the oil and protect your soft and supple skin. Face It can be used anywhere on the body from nose to toes for a decadent treat.

* contains sesame oil

60 mL
15 mL

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"I'll never let myself run out of it again!

"Bonus: it’s perfect for removing makeup, even heavy-duty mascara.”

 "It smells incredible and it helps a world of skin issues.”

“Within seconds my face feels hydrated, nourished and happy.”

“It feels so healthy and pure that I hate to put anything over it."

"For years I have looked for something that would help my skin, but nothing worked. Almost instantaneously Face it did the trick."