Soaking Salts: For busy bodies and busy minds


The large salts weigh in at about 1 Kg so local pick-up is recommended. Enter LOCALPICKUP at check out. You will be contacted you when your order is ready for pick up
in midtown Toronto.

Please get in touch directly if you would like salts shipped.

Himalayan pink and Dead Sea salts help regulate circulation, combat muscular aches and pains, detoxify and relieve headaches and flu symptoms. 

Nobody feels bad after a bath.

Eucalyptus — A classic essential oil. Can help lessen symptoms of headaches, fever, migraines and general aches and pains. Good for respiratory congestion.

Eucalyptus/Grapefruit/Lemon — The congestion and aches and pain reliever of eucalyptus with the zing of citrus to boost circulation. A great blend to hop into when you feel like going to sleep but have plans for a big night out!


Add ½ - 1 cup to bath water. Try and soak at least an hour before bed so the body can cool down before sleep. 

875 g / 6-7 baths

For external use only.



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